As Seemantham function is ceremony celebrated for both mother and baby in her womb to have a good health for both after delivery with the blessings of elders believed and followed as the tradition .Foetus in mother’s womb starts to hear the sound from fifth month hence the mantras recited a positive vibration of the baby which is consider as one of the traditional occasions.

Celebrating this traditional occasion is followed in south India as similar to engagement and marriage function same value is given to it. So celebrating this function one of the main things we should concentrate on is food service. So the best Seemantham function food menu in Coimbatore is provided by Shankaraas catering services choose your best to serve your Guests.

We Shankaraas catering serve you with the delicious food for this function which if followed from early days as per our traditions with variety rices (Mango Rice, Coconut Rice, Lemon Rice, Tamarind Rice, Curd Rice) can be selected from best Seemantham function food menu Coimbatore offers you special menu list for this function from welcome drinks (Buttermilk, Jaggery and Lime water) as per traditional methods, sweets and snacks items served on the plates for “Thattu Varisai” and thaamboola bags with sweets on thanking our guests.

On serving both your guests should embrace them with special food items which fulfill their heart and tummy with the breeze in the sunset evening which make us feel chill and relax our mind. They choose their needs from a variety of the menu list. If any new variety of food wants to be added apart from our menu list we “shankaraas catering “are ready to serve with fulfilled heart at reasonable price without change in our taste that’s where our uniqueness stands. As occasion is special one in everyone life it not only ends with one day action it’s a memory in our lifetime album which should be colorful and sweet which make us feel chill on remembrance of those moments.